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August  4th

 Opening and Blessing of our new STEM lab

Blessing following 9:15 Mass

open house to visit the lab until 2:00

STEM Lab is a Kindergarten through 8th grade school that fundamentally believes all students deserve to have access and opportunity to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and demonstrate their learning in varied, challenging ways.


Grand Opening & Blessing

Rev Robert  A. Rodriguez

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Low Gluten  communion wafers available. Ask any  volunteer. before Mass.

Fr Robert

Happy 1 st Anniversary as our Pastor

Bishop Edward Weisenburger

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Thank you Emilio Moya, Maria Moya, and the group of actors for all the performances of the Triduum Palm Sunday. The Living Stations of the Cross is worthy of an Tony Award. The actor who portrayed Jesus was astounding. It was moving and upsetting as it should be.

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Mass Times / Horario de Misas

Daily / Lunes a Sabado:  7 am

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help:

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We have several volunteer opportunities to help the Parish. School parents and retirees what a great way to earn volunteer hours!  • You can help out once a month on the second Tuesday of each month (only 3 1/2 hours) when we take a meal to the Primavera Men's Shelter. • You can help out with St. Vincent de Paul on TWTh mornings for only a couple of hours a day once a week (you choose a day). * Altar Linen Angel,  We are on need of someone to volunteer to take care of the Altar Linens from the church and chapel, wash and iron purificators, and small towels 745-3100



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Aug. 13,- Primavera Project- The second Tuesday of every month we make dinner for the men at the Primavera shelter, with your help from donations of cookies, rolls, bread, and fruit. Please drop off your donations in the parish office before 4pm.  Thank you for your generosity and caring heart. Help is needed if you have a couple of hours of time to donate once a month please consider helping out. Thank you.

New Bulletin from Liguori

10 Tips from priests for a better Confession
Have you ever left the confessional wondering,
"Did I do that right?"

Faith Formation
Mr.Wade Manuel  Coordinator
Pre-K through Grade 7
September through April
Sundays: 8:00 am to 9:05 am

Confirmation  Preparation
  Please call  Parish Office

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I wish I could hear other people’s confessions.

Don’t worry, I’m not bugging the confessionals in the convent. I just think I would learn something from hearing how others go about it.

I’ve been partaking of the Sacrament of Penance for several years now but I still don’t feel like I know what I am doing. Sometimes I leave the confessional wondering, “Did I do that right? Should I have been more specific? Was I honest enough?”

The other day as I left confession, I thought, “I know, I will ask for some advice from the men who do hear other people’s confessions for a living!”

Here is what they said:

1. Fr. Bryan Brooks, Tulsa, OK

By doing an examination of conscience we are confronted with our sins, but when we go to confession we are confronted with God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness.

2. Fr. Sean Donovan, Pawhuska, OK:

After saying about how long it’s been since your last Confession, briefly tell the priest about yourself. (Are you single, dating, remarried, a religious sister?) If we know your situation, it helps us to counsel you.

3. Fr. Gabriel Mosher, OP, Portland, OR:

Sins are bad choices, not unpleasant emotions; so, confess your sins, not your emotional states.

4. Fr. Damian Ference, Wickliffe, Ohio

Sins committed are an offense to God, but sins confessed are a Canticle to God. So, when you confess your sins to a priest in the sacrament of reconciliation, know that you are also singing praise to God for his great mercy.

5. Fr. Matthew Gossett, Steubenville, OH

Frequent confession is edifying for your priest and good for your soul! Sins, especially deep-seated or habitual sins, require patience and persistence. Never give up, no matter how many times you’ve committed the same sin… confession is a sacrament of healing, and just like physical wounds, spiritual wounds can take some time to fully heal.

6. Father James Martin, SJ, New York, NY

Confession is not so much about how bad you are but about how good God is.

7. Fr. Anthony Gerber, Cottleville, Missouri

The priest is like a physician: when you go to the doctor, you tell him what has been hurting you and with more or less detail so that he knows how best to heal you. And remember: he has seen many patients with the same symptoms. Trust him, listen to his counsel, and you’ll get better soon!

8. Fr. Joshua Whitfield, Dallas, TX

God works best with a simple, humble confession of sins. God doesn’t need a novel. He’s read it already. Pride and impenitence sometimes hide beneath our many words. Speaking simply and plainly, naming our sins: it’s like being stripped for the Cross, for the death of our sins and the resurrection of forgiveness.

9. Fr. Jeffrey Mickler, SSP, Youngstown, OH

Just go, no matter what. God’s love is stronger than our sins.

10. Fr. Matthew Schneider, LC, Washington DC

For many people, the biggest improvement in confession would be switching from viewing it as an obligatory, abstract listing of sins to the renewal of a relationship with God.

And a bonus!

Fr. Mark Menegatti, O.S.A.

Confession is not just a removal of sin, it’s an encounter with