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For Baptism schedule or information

call Parish office (520) 747-3100 

 Baptismal arrangements must be made by the parents of the child at the Parish Office. Parents and godparents must attend a baptismal preparation class before the baptism. Other requirements will be discussed at the initial interview.

Congratulations! You are seeking Baptism for your child, or perhaps even for yourself. This is a great moment, and we at St. Joseph hope to assist you in preparing to celebrate Baptism beautifully and meaningfully.

From the earliest times, the Church has baptized children as well as adults. Our Lord said, "Unless a man is reborn in water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God." (John 3:5) The Church has always understood these words to mean that children should not be deprived of baptism… the faith is proclaimed for them by their parents and godparents…
— Rite of Baptism, paragraph 3Baptism